Greenland crater dating

greenland crater dating

How old are the new impact craters in Greenland?

Although the newly found impact craters in northwest Greenland are only 114 miles apart, they do not appear to have been formed at the same time. From the same radar data and ice cores that had been collected nearby, MacGregor and his colleagues determined that the ice in the area was at least 79,000 years old.

How old is the Hiawatha crater in Greenland?

The massive 19-mile-wide Hiawatha crater underneath the northwestern ice sheet in Greenland is millions of years older than previously thought, according to new research published Wednesday in the peer-reviewed scientific journal Science Advances.

What would happen if a meteorite struck Greenland?

Its not yet known whether the meteor that struck Greenland disrupted the global climate in the same way the 200-kilometer wide asteroid that created the Chicxulub crater in Mexico -- that doomed the dinosaurs -- did some 8 million years earlier. But the Greenland meteorite would have devastated plant and animal life in the immediate region.

Is this the world’s second largest crater under an ice sheet?

The 22-mile wide feature would be the second crater found under an ice sheet, and if confirmed, would be the 22nd-largest crater on Earth. A NASA-led team discovered the feature using satellite data of the surface of the Greenland Ice Sheet as well as radar measurements from NASA’s airborne campaign Operation IceBridge.

Are there impact craters under Greenland’s ice sheets?

This follows the finding, announced in November 2018, of a 19-mile-wide crater beneath Hiawatha Glacier – the first meteorite impact crater ever discovered under Earth’s ice sheets. Though the newly found impact sites in northwest Greenland are only 114 miles apart, at present they do not appear to have formed at the same time.

How old is Greenland’s hidden crater?

A hidden impact crater in northwestern Greenland dates back some 58 million years, making it far older than previous estimates. The challenge now will be to find further evidence of what was surely a massively disruptive global-scale event.

Is Greenland’s Hiawatha impact crater the second largest on Earth?

Just 114 miles from the newly-found Hiawatha impact crater under the ice of northwest Greenland, lies a possible second impact crater. The 22-mile wide feature would be the second crater found under an ice sheet, and if confirmed, would be the 22nd-largest crater on Earth.

What are these mysterious pebbles at the edge of Greenland’s ice sheet?

Pebbles at the edge of Greenland’s ice sheet, shown here in 2019, contain zircon crystals that were altered by an impact about 58 million years ago. The powerful impact that created a mysterious crater at the northwestern edge of Greenland’s ice sheet happened about 58 million years ago, researchers report March 9 in Science Advances.

Is this the world’s first impact crater under ice?

Today, an international team of scientists describes what they say is a huge new impact crater that lies under northwestern Greenland’s Hiawatha Glacier. If confirmed, it would be the first impact crater on Earth discovered under ice, the team reports in the journal Science Advances.

What is the 4th largest impact crater on Earth?

Technically tied with the Manicouagan Crater as the fourth largest verified impact crater on Earth, the Popigai Crater is said to have been the catalyst of the Eocene–Oligocene extinction event. The impact was so massive that the debris ejected from the collision site landed on other continents! Did You Know?

What is the second largest meteorite crater in the US?

Source: The second-largest known meteorite impact crater in the United States, the Beaverhead Crater is so weathered and worn that it’s hard to visualize how it must have looked right after impact.

What is the largest crater in the world?

The Vredefort Impact Crater is the largest crater in the world. While the ridge of the crater itself has worn away over time, the base of the formation remains and is known as the Vredefort Dome or the Vredefort Impact Structure. The Vredefort Crater, alongside being the largest on the planet, is also one of the oldest,...

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