New dating show rte

new dating show rte

Could you take part in this new dating show on RTE?

RTE is looking for singletons to take part in a brand new dating show. The brand new show, titled The Love Experiment’, will see total strangers meet, sit down and ask each other a series of questions that scientific studies suggest could see them meet their perfect partner.

What is the love experiment on RTÉ 2?

Two total strangers meet up to ask each-other a series of scientific questions to find out if theres a spark between them - or if theyre a real dampener. RTÉ 2s new reality dating show The Love Experiment is on the lookout for the people of Ireland who are looking for that real human connection.

What is the RTE love challenge?

The challenge is to answer the questions openly and honestly, and then stare into each others eyes in silence for four minutes. Anyone interested in entering RTE’s new show, featuring the quiz, can fill in an application form here or email

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